Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tour day 2

Tuesday morning’s news was about the start of the two day strike in Athens.  Everything there was going to be closed, and no one knew whether violence would erupt.  We weren’t going to be in Athens, of course, but the strike was far wider spread.  There would be no banks open, no coaches from the cruise ships, and it was unknown whether the site at Olympia would be open, which was our main destination for the day. 
We set off driving over the mountains, which was very spectacular and arrived at Olympia about midday only to find that the site was indeed closed due to the strike.  We took a walk along the road leading to the back of the site and could see some of the site from there.  Our guide told us about the site and the history of the site, so it wasn’t as bad as it might have been.  Our lunch stop was at a nice bistro where we were sitting under a canopy of vine leaves.  The rest of the afternoon was spent driving to our overnight stop, Delphi.  This involved driving around a very lovely coastal road with fantastic views.  Everywhere there were oleanders, mostly pink, which was very pretty.  We will go and see the main site of the Delphi Oracle tomorrow.
I must confess I am seriously missing vegetables – most of the food is meat and start (potatoes, rice, bread or all three).  The few times you do see a veggie it is frozen.  Except for tomato.

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