Sunday, November 3, 2013


After our week in Raratonga, we flew to a second island, Aitutaki.
Our hotel in Aitutaki is just so beautiful, and we have a beach-front bungalow with a large verandah where we can look out over the lagoon surrounding the island and just relax. There are only 27 bungalows in the hotel, so it's nice and peaceful.  It's a hardship, having to be in such a beautiful place, but someone has to do it.
Our Room
Our Balcony/Verandah

View of the Lagoon from our Balcony
Our little bungalow from the beach

Resort pool


We took a day trip on Aitutaki's famous lagoon.  We chose not to go on one of the bigger boats, even though one former passenger happily informed us that they had toilets on board, but instead chose a small boat which took only eight passengers.  Our captain, Captain Fantastic, could not have been better.  One of our passengers was an elderly man who was not very mobile, and the captain constantly helped him in and out of the boat. We snorkelled in two places, and visited seven islands.  There was some rain, but the afternoon cleared up, and it really doesn't matter if it rains when you a snorkelling. Those who know Andy know that he needs to wear glasses - without them he can't see a thing.  But the strange thing was that when snorkelling, even though he had no glasses on, he could see perfectly, and even see down 10 meters or so to the bottom of the lagoon.
We had a really nice lunch on one of the islands we stopped at. A fantastic day, though I got very sunburnt.
Andy snorkelling
Lunch stop
Lunch being prepared
Lunch is ready
The location for Survivor Cook Islands
Andy contemplating the view
One Foot Island

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