Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Countryside walk and Ely

On Tuesday morning Andy had to do some work, so I went out for a walk. It was a glorious day, and the owner of the B&B had told me I could walk around one of their fields. The rape was in flower, the birds were chirping, and sheep were bleating in the next field. The hedgerows were full of hawthorn bushes in flower and cowslips.


Once I came back from my walk we proceeded to Ely. First stop was the cathedral. It was very impressive, with a wonderful painted ceiling and a few portions of old wall paintings remaining.  The Lady Chapel was possibly the nicest part, though I didn't like the sponsors names in the new windows. But sadly, though it was a Norman cathedral,  so much of it was Victorian - the painted ceiling,  the stained glass windows, many of the floors... and the floor of the Lady Chapel was only a couple of years old.

Sponsored windows in the Lady Chapel
Next was a visit to Cromwell's house. I felt that would have been great for families with young kids, but I had no interest in the activities they had provided - things like trying on parts of armour, or trying to write in an old fashioned handwriting style. And it was not as if I hadn't seen an old half-timbered building before..

Cromwell's House

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