Monday, June 2, 2014

Last Day in London

We woke on our last day in London to find that my ankle was very swollen as a result of spraining it the previous day.  However, it seemed that I could still walk, so we set off to look at Borough Markets. 

On the way we passed all sorts of people with bicycles dressed up in old fashioned clothes. I asked one of them what it was all about and was told that it was the Tweed Run - a 12 mile cycle through London.  I was to run into them again later.

Borough Markets are located under the railway arches near Southwark Cathedral. I had heard so much about these markets on foodie-types of programs and I loved them.  I wish I could shop there all the time.  So many interesting and different types of food! We bought various bits and pieces in preparation for a picnic.

After leaving Borough Markets we had a look at Southwark Cathedral, which I had never seen before, before heading to Green Park for our wonderful picnic lunch. Many of the locals there were sunning themselves on rented deckchairs, but we headed for the shade under a big old tree. It was a beautiful day and a marvellous lunch.

Andy then headed back to our hotel to do some work and I headed to Fortnum and Mason. I much prefer it to Harrods, I don't know why, but I spent a very enjoyable time looking at all the food items.  A few very exotic, but mostly just beautifully packaged and very tempting.

BBQ Flavour Worm Crisps - not the strangest thing on sale

I next decided to go up to Oxford Street. Rather than hop on the underground to get to the stores on Oxford Street I decided to walk via Bond Street. It is only from the outside that I can ever afford to see these shops.

While walking down that street I discovered that part of it had been blocked off to allow the Tweed Run to pass through. That was a lot of fun, seeing these mad people on their bikes. Pedestrians could get through when there was a break in the cycles, but cars were completely stopped.

Tweed Run participants
That evening we did the ghost walk.

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