Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Thursday morning was the trip to the monasteries at Meteora  What can I say.  I’ve run out of descriptive words.  Andy felt that the rock formations made Ayers Rock seem insignificant.  I’m not sure I’d go that far, but they certainly were impressive.  Here are some photos of the scenery, which will say more than words.

The inside of the monasteries was very interesting, but women are not allowed in wearing shorts or trousers, so they provide these very unattractive wrap-around skirts that you need to put on over your trousers.  Men can’t wear shorts, so Andy and Tommy had to wear jeans, which was a bit hot today.

I’m writing this bit of blog from the roof-top bar of the Plaka Hotel, where we are staying on our last night in Greece.  I probably won’t be able to actually post the blog until tomorrow, as this hotel only has internet access from the Internet room, and I’d rather enjoy the view and sunset from the roof.
It was a very long bus ride back from Meteora, and we only arrived back in Athens after 7:30.  Thank goodness I had podcasts to listen to on the MP3 player – it really helped pass the time.  When we got back the city centre was closed due to the strikes, but the coach couldn’t have gotten up to our hotel anyway, because the streets are too steep.  We had to wheel our cases for two blocks, but that’s lots less than the people staying near Syntagma Square, which is right next to the Parliament where all the trouble is.
I’m still missing veggies, and I hope that Italy has more of them than Greece.

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