Sunday, July 10, 2011

Next day we thought we’d get an early start to go to Pompeii to beat the heat and the crowds.  We wandered over to the entrance which was not far from our hotel only to find that it wasn’t the main entrance, where we needed to be to get the audio guides.  A long walk (about 2km at an estimate) finally took us to the main entrance and the audio guides.  Finally we got in, and by then it was already very hot.  Pompeii was a wonderful experience, despite the heat.  Andy even went across to the far side of the (very large) site to the ancient gladiatorial arena to listen to Pink Floyd on his iPod while remembering their concert they recorded there some forty years ago, which he has on DVD.

After that, it was a drive to Sorrento and our rather swanky hotel.  We had a swim and a relax - both well needed

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