Saturday, July 25, 2015

Borough Markets and Fortnum & Mason

8 July 2015

Wednesday started with a shopping expedition - not looking for anything for me, but looking for new "smart casual" shirts for Andy.  He had tried to find shirts before we left Sydney, but found the whole experience too overwhelming. He said he wanted my help to choose.  Well I didn't find it overwhelming in the way he did - too many things to look at - but in the sense that that was so little that was even remotely suitable.  We are obviously getting on in years - most of the clothes looked too scruffy or too casual or too floral or too ... extreme.  So we made the decision that he would just manage with the shirts that he did have.

Next was a visit to Borough Market in Southwark.  We had visited on a Saturday on our previous trip to London, but this time were visiting on a Wednesday, so there were only about half the number of market stalls open. It was still wonderful seeing all the fresh produce, and we bought various bits and pieces for a picnic at Green Park.  

By the time we made it to Green Park Tube we could see that the pavement was all wet. It had been raining.  We nearly gave up, but realised that the ground under the trees was still dry - it must have been a short shower - so we had out picnic lunch.

We were almost finished when we started to feel a few drops of rain. Instead of going on the walk we'd intended (in case it poured with rain) we decided to do our own leisurely walk back to out hotel. First detour was into Fortnum and Mason's.  I love that store, but Andy had never been there before.  Amazingly, it was him - not me - who pointed out a couple of things he wanted to buy. I was happy to just look.

After leaving there we continued walking to Leicester Square, where we bought tickets for the theatre that night.

We found a wonderful place for pre-theatre dinner - San Carlo Cicchetti.

That night we went to the theatre to see David Suchet starring as Lady Bracknell in The Importance of Being Ernest.  It was a wonderful production and very funny.

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