Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Down to London

5 July 2015

We headed down to London from Norfolk where we had been staying with Andy's cousin.  Very soon after we set off the rain started, but by the time we made it to London it had cleared up.  While Andy was returning the hire car to Heathrow I had a bit of a wander around.

The first area I headed to was Covent Garden. By now not only had the rain stopped, but it was sunny and quite warm. This sunny warm Sunday afternoon had brought out the crowds in force, and I really didn't enjoy being in those crowds or with the noise. 

Covent Garden

Figure of Higlander showing the
shop stocked Scottish Snuff

I tried to go and visit St Paul's Covent Garden, but it seemed to be closed to visitors,  so I decided to wander off in a general westerly direction through some little alleys etc in the hope of discovering something interesting I had not seen before. I didn't really find anything,  but did end up at Leicester Square.  When I had lived in London for a year Leicester Square had been boarded up the whole time, so it was the first time I had seen the square. From there I went to Trafalgar Square.  The lions and fountains had also been boarded up when I lived there, so it was the first time I had seen the lions.

I wandered around a bit longer before I got a call from Andy saying that he had arrived, and we arranged to meet in a pub we had been to when we last visited London.  We discussed our room. I was very pleased to have gotten a good price on a room in the Waldorf, but the reason was obviously because the room was minuscule. There was no room to lay a suitcase down on the floor to find anything, so since we are staying six nights, we decided to request an upgrade.  So it turns out not to have been such a bargain, but never mind. It's a very convenient location. And the upgrade gets us access to the Executive Lounge, where we can get breakfast, afternoon tea and pre-dinner drinks and nibbles for free.

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