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2 July 2015

We are currently staying with Andy's cousin, Sarah, who lives in Norfolk about 20 minutes from Norwich, so naturally we decided to visit that city. Sarah offered to drive us in and then pick us up later when we were finished, and I was very glad she did.  If she hadn't I'm sure we'd still be lost somewhere in Norwich.

Every year Norwich chooses an animal and statues of it are made which are then decorated by various local businesses and schools and so on. They are kept on display at a variety of places around the city for a certain amount of time, and then auctioned for charity.  This year's "animals" are dragons.

Sherlock Holmes dragon

Biggles Dragon

We spent quite a long time in Norwich looking at the cathedral.  The architecture was very interesting,  but it didn't have as many interesting memorials as some of them do. Just outside the cathedral, near the apse, is one grave - that of Edith Cavell,  the British nurse who was court-martialled by the Germans, found guilty of treason and executed by firing squad.

Green Man boss from the cloisters

We then wandered around the town, especially up and down Elm Hill, an unspoilt medieval street that not surprisingly is often used as a film set. 

Then it was a visit to the Colman mustard shop and museum.  Who ever would have guessed that such a thing existed!

Finally it was a walk past the castle (too late to go inside), and a quick drink in a pub by the river (it was really hot) before being picked up and going back to Sarah's for dinner.

Norwich Castle

River Wensum

Riverside Pub

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